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An Anti Trump Bar? We’ll Drink to That!

tl-horizontal_mainRavi DeRossi has never shied away from mixing business with personal politics.  In fact, he ended up overhauling his entire New York dynasty of restaurants (including Avant Garden and LadyBird) and bars (such as Mother of Pearl) to embody his lifestyle as an animal and environmental activist.

And his advocacy extends past veganism at his newest establishment, Coup.  In a true show of putting one’s money where one’s mouth is, his Astor Place drinkery will take a stand against Trump’s entire agenda, by donating 100% of proceeds to organizations in the crosshairs of the administration.

tl-horizontal_main-1Decorated with protest signs from past rallies and marches, a duo of rooms will host a rotating cast of America’s most celebrated bartenders.  Local heroes like Grand Army’s Damon Boelte, Leyenda’s Ivy Mix, Suffolk Arms’ Giuseppe Gonzalez and Mother of Pearl’s Jane Danger are all in the mix, as well as illustrious visitors like Erik Castro, of San Diego’s Polite Provisions.  And they’ll each have the opportunity to select who reaps the benefits from their particular shift; so expect an outflow of green for in-the-trenches organizations, like Planned Parenthood and the indispensable A.C.L.U.

And though it’s being billed as a pop-up, be prepared to get your drink on for four to eight (though hopefully, considerably fewer years).  Because this bar with a cause has vowed to stick around and fight the good fight, for as long as Trump stays in office.

64 Cooper Square
(212) 260-2182

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