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What to Eat at Harlem’s Vendy Plaza

DSC_0045Harlem is steadily becoming a happening food hub; in fact, the recently held Harlem EatUp — a four-day festival celebrating the spirit and culture of the neighborhood — was one of the biggest culinary events of the season.  And now, they’ve debuted a summer-long alfresco food market (set to rival Smorgasburg!) called Vendy Plaza; which brings Vendy award finalists and local vendors to East Harlem’s bustling La Marqueta.

queens-food-box-1_650Perfectly reflecting the vibrant, multi-ethnic community, visitors can expect to find anything from Colombian and Jamaican fare, to Thai and Italian cuisine.  Keep in mind that offerings will rotate every weekend, which keeps things interesting, so here are six notable vendors to stay on the lookout for!

Khao Man Gai NY: The husband and wife- owned venture specializes in Thailand’s most beloved street food, Khao Man Gai — a chicken and rice dish laced with a garlic-ginger sauce, garnished with cilantro and cucumber, and served with a delicate chicken broth for sipping in between bites.

pupusaSamosa Shack: This Indian-styled vendor stuffs way more than spiced meat or spiced potato into their steamy, tri-cornered pastries.  Try Samosas packed with saag paneer (spinach and cheese), channa masala (chickpea), or weekly, seasonal specials, such as cauliflower-ramp.

Lechonera La Pirana: This truck has been a Bronx staple for over a decade, turning out unbelievably tasty tidbits fashioned out of succulent roast pork, which owner Angel Jimenez hacks into crispy-skinned pieces with a machete.

Booqoo Beignets: For a taste of the Big Easy in the Big Apple, try these fluffy, buttery Beignets served with a selection of caramel dipping sauces, such as praline, chicory coffee and Creole vanilla.

tumblr_noiaedsl7e1tvqos8o1_1280Mighty Edible: This stand was spawned from a line of zesty Jamaican condiments, sauces and spreads, incorporated into all manner of tropical, Caribbean eats, such as Ackee and Eggplant Wraps, topped with carrot and tamarind compote, and Jerk Chicken Sandwiches, served on freshly baked coco bread.

Walking Dog BBQ: Talk about an easy sell — this vendor peddles bites of dry-rubbed, smoked bacon-wrapped Pork Tenderloin, dipped in barbecue sauce or sweet mustard.



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