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Step Up to Huertas’ High-End Hot Dog Window

3_-Huertas-Hot-DogHot dogs are probably the last thing you’d expect to find on the menu at Huertas; a Basque-inspired cider bar and tapas hotspot, which took the East Village by storm with its convivial, family-style feasts and elegant, passed pintxos last year.  But in a playful stroke of seasonal genius, the team decided to institute a summer-long, weekends-only hot dog takeout window, which kicked off mid June and will continue to run until Labor Day.

And rest assured, these are a far cry from your standard sauerkraut-topped, ketchup-slathered dirty water dogs — instead, chef Jonah Miller uses housemade links of slender 10489907_922585751135248_282261888947638162_nCistorra Sausage.  Nested into plush potato buns, these minced pork sausages, liberally flavored with smoky paprika and garlic, flaunt their Spanish origins further with a slick of smooth aioli and a vibrant pool of punchy piquillo pepper mostarda.

In addition to the dogs, passerby can sample a duo of frosty drinks — including creamy Horchata, crafted in-house from toasty, buttery tiger nuts.  There’s also a rose-colored Sherry Cobbler, thick with fruit, which can be ordered spiked or no, but what’s the harm in getting a bit tipsy on a sunny August Saturday?  Even the price is right, especially huertascobblerslushconsidering the high-end origins of the offerings; $6 per item, or $10 for a combo of a hot dog and a drink.  Especially from a restaurant known for its $14 cans of Black Anchovies, $15 tendrils of pimenton-dusted Octopus, and $12 coils of Mangalica Ham, Huertas’ homage to the All-American hot dog (not to mention that NYC staple, Gray’s Papaya) is utterly affordable and entirely charming, and yet another reason we’ll be terribly sorry to see the summer end.

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