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64-13 39th Avenue,
New York 11377
Phone: (718) 899-9599

It could take you all year to eat your way through the 25-page menu at this Woodside Thai joint.  And you’d still want to return time and again for their Pad See Ew, a dark sweet tangle of Wide Rice Noodles wrapped around broccoli, egg and chicken, beef or pork (your choice) that’s Thailand’s answer to Comfort Food.  That’s not even the half of it.  This no frills joint doesn’t look like it would do delicate well, but the Steamed Calamari with Ginger, Lime and Chiles is wondrously moist and exotic.  There’s a super spicy Roast Duck Salad, a wickedly juicy Beef Larb, which is ground and mingled with fish sauce, lime juice and chiles, and terrific Curry Puffs.  Sripraphai excels at curries, especially the Jungle Curry and the Sour Curry.  And then, there’s the whole fresh fish, steamed and sauced with Lemongrass and Galangal, Tamarind or another one of their standout sauces.  Order a Thai beer to wash it all down and definitely get a side of Sticky Rice (one of the best we’ve had) and Brown Rice and definitely save room for dessert.  We’re obsessed with their Steamed Tapioca Cake Topped with Coconut Cream The Coconut Milk Soup with Black Beans, and the Sticky Rice topped with a luscious custard.
Don’t Miss Dish: Papaya shrimp salad, larb moo, crispy whole snapper with tamarind sauce, coconut rice & green curry with shrimp.
End With: Black rice pudding, coconut custard, steamed chestnut cake, fried bananas.
Drink This: Thai beers
Price: $
Occasion: Thai pilgrimage, group dinner, casual bites.
Bonuses: There’s a to-go refrigerator in the dining room filled with Thai pastries, like syrup-poached egg yolks, marzipan candies, black rice pudding & other sticky rice sweets.

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