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Entre Cote: A Hip, Korean Barbecue-Inspired Steakhouse

We’ve all heard of trend-baiting, Frankenfood-style mash-up dishes, such as pastrami egg rolls, fried chicken ice cream cones, and of course, the Cronut (croissant + donut).  But what happens when actual restaurant concepts combine? Entre Cote in the Flatiron District; a classic New York steakhouse meets a sleek Korean barbecue spot from the Michelin star winning team behind Piora.

Having previously collaborated with Chris Cipollone for the Italian-Korean Piora, Kim has turned to David Shim this time around; an alum of the quirky meatery, M. Wells.  Making use of both a dry-aging room and $4,000 inlaid grills, high-end, USDA prime cuts (such as ribeye, tenderloin, flatiron, hanger, skirt and the marinated shortrib called galbi) are prepped in-house for at least seven days, before being flash-cooked by customers tableside.

For $45 per person, patrons can partake in a carnivorous Butcher’s Feast, supplemented with banchan, scallion salad, egg soufflé, two stews, and even a seasonal soft serve.  Appetizers and accompaniments seamlessly cross-reference all-American chophouses and Korean eateries as well. Think Shrimp Cocktail served with gochujang-spiked sauce and Steak Tartare with pickled mustard seeds and Asian pear for starters, and Mountain Root Bibimbap, Angel Hair with anchovy broth, and Kimchi and Pork Belly Stew alongside.  And Victoria James’ beverage menu similarly splits the difference; comprising lively soju cocktails (such as the “Seoul Side” with sherry, mint and lime), and blowsy magnums of red.

There’s several ways to savor this sexy Flatiron newcomer, including formal reservations, casual walk-in bites and an imminent downstairs bar for imbibing on soju and other Korean-bent cocktails.  When it comes to successfully merging trending concepts, Simon Kim sure seems to have honed in on a winner.

16 W 22nd St
(212) 401-7986

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