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Make Sandwich is Set to Dominate NYC’s Fast-Casual Scene

Neighborhood: , , , | Featured in Best Of, Restaurant, Sandwiches

Bark Hot Dog’s Josh Sharkey has joined forces with a veritable fast-casual dream team (Melt Shop’s Spencer Rubin and Aurify Brands, behind the health-focused Little Beet) to launch Make Sandwich in Union Square — a have it your way, between-the-bread take on Chipotle.

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Nix – First Bite

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in First Bite, Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Reviews, RG's Favorites

Me, I don’t do meatless Mondays. In fact, I don’t do meatless any day. I’m a carnivore through and through. If it’s not meat, I crave poultry or fish… or eggs. If I don’t have one of the above, I feel like I haven’t really eaten. It’s still fascinating (at least to me!) to walk into a vegetarian eatery, like Nix, on a Friday night, and find every table and bar seat taken, with a noticeably fashionable crowd no less. But there’s nothing “granola” or hippy about Nix…

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Floyd Cardoz’s White Street – First Bite

Neighborhood: | Featured in First Bite, First Bite, Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Reviews

I’ve been a fan of Floyd Cardoz since the early Tabla days way back in 1998. And like many other foodies, I’m still mourning its closing. But that’s all history: Cardoz has recently resurfaced at White Street and it’s worth going out of your way for…

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