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It’s All About the Lettuce at Local Leaf

Cuisine: , | Featured in Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting, Trendwatch

Love a good sandwich, but want to avoid carbs? Lettuce has been a longtime diet substitute for bread and buns, more recently adopted by gluten-free diners as well, for a way to enjoy sandwiches without wheat. Local Leaf and their build your own sandwich concept aims to turn lettuce into a bonafide lifestyle, by spotlighting roughage at their new, Murray Hill location…

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Addio Perla, Benvenuto Fairfax, Gabe Stulman’s Play on the All-Day Cafe

Cuisine: | Featured in Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

Gabe Stulman’s at it again, overhauling West Village Perla completely — transforming it into a laid-back, all-day eatery, called Fairfax, that transitions to a funky wine bar with food at night…

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Inside City Acres: A Grocery Store-Cum-Food Hall

Cuisine: | Featured in Best Of, Food Markets

While all-vendor food halls are a dime a dozen nowadays, City Acres Market has gone what you might call the Whole Foods route (only way better!), by operating largely as a grocery store, supplemented by an awesome roster of revolving stands…

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Iceland Asserts Itself in NYC With Icelandic Fish & Chips

Cuisine: , | Featured in Restaurant Spotting

With locations in downtown Reykjavik and now the West Village, Icelandic Fish and Chips aims to take on a grease laden British favorite, and give it a wholesome Nordic twist…

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Empire Stores is New York’s Hottest New Pseudo Food Hall

Cuisine: | Featured in Best Of, Food Markets, Hottest Newcomers

While not exactly a food court, per se, Empire Stores presents an impressive gathering of unique culinary concepts, in one of the city’s most breathtaking locations. Think a 19th century warehouse complete with original architecture (brick masonry façade, 14-foot ceilings, schist stone walls), abutting DUMBO’s waterfront panorama of the Empire State building, Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge…

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The Best New Beach Eats in NYC

Cuisine: | Featured in Summer Eats

It may have struck a blow to our bathing suit bodies, but NYC beach fare sure has come a long way baby. So forget about packing a sandwich, and squirrel away some sunscreen and singles instead, for spreading around the following, sun and sand-blessed spots! From Rockaway Clam Bar to Super Burrito…

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EMP Summer House Heats Up East Hampton

Cuisine: | Featured in Destination Dining, Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

As if East Hampton didn’t already have major summertime appeal for city-weary residents, the beachy Long Island enclave scored big-time this season. That’s because none other than Daniel Humm and Will Guidara have launched the EMP Summer House; while in the midst of revamping their “Number One Restaurant in the World”-winning flagship…

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Where to Dine on the Fourth of July

Cuisine: | Featured in Best Of, Fourth of July

Memorial Day has the distinction of being the unofficial kick-off to summer, but the Fourth of July is the season’s central, paramount party. And considering Macy’s fireworks display (finally back over the East River) is the envy of the larger U.S., you don’t need to sweat it if you haven’t scored an invite to some beachfront clambake outside of the city. So here’s where to celebrate Independence Day NYC-style, including rooftop soirees at Westlight, The Crown and more…

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Wylie Dufresne Does Donuts at Du

Cuisine: | Featured in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

Wylie Dufresne has taken a page from his high concept peers — think, especially, Daniel Humm — by dialing things back a tad, and opening an establishment geared towards common folk. His everyman eatery? Du’s Donuts in the William Vale hotel; a casual café and bakery with a major pedigree…

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Restaurant Spotting: Nur

Cuisine: | Featured in Ethnic Eats, First Bite, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

A number of incredible New York chefs have helped distinguish Israeli food; long lumped under the label of undifferentiated Middle Eastern cuisine. And now, a Tel Aviv luminary is now serving as an extra special ambassador to the country’s native fare; opening his first stateside restaurant, Nur, in Manhattan’s Flatiron District.

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A Spotlight On New York’s Best Spring Desserts

Cuisine: | Featured in Best Of, Dessert, Spring Eats

Just as restaurants can’t wait to swap out root vegetables for ramps and asparagus come spring, they’re equally excited to drop apples and pears for delicate seasonal produce such as strawberries and rhubarb. So here are some incredible NYC sweets that absolutely scream spring; from Italienne’s marjoram custard-lined Rhubarb Gateau to Nur’s inspired yogurt and artichoke dessert (yes, really)…

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Bubby’s Embraces the Southern Meat & Three

Cuisine: | Featured in Dish Spotting, Restaurant

25-year-old Bubby’s has long been a haven of feel-good, all-American eats, such as mac and cheese, apple pie, fried chicken and matzoh ball soup. And now, the collection of finer diners are delving even further into red, white and blue territory, by taking on the hallowed, southern-styled meat + three…

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Ikinari Brings Its “Standing Steakhouse” Concept to New York

Cuisine: , | Featured in Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

We tend to think New York is at the cutting edge of all things food, but we still can’t hold a candle to Japan when it comes to quirky innovation. That’s why we’ve continued to import some of their kookiest concepts; from ramen spots to the newly minted stand-up steakhouse Ikinari, which landed in the East Village this past week…

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Hanoi House Elevates St. Mark’s Street’s Asian Food Scene

Cuisine: | Featured in Ethnic Eats, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

St. Mark’s street has long been a haven for cheap and quick Asian food of all sorts; a mecca for NYU students in search of affordable, filling dinners, or late night, alcohol-absorbing snacks. Yet its myriad holes-in-the-wall have rarely qualified as dining destinations unto themselves — making the just-opened Hanoi House a rather unique, exciting bird for New Yorkers at-large…

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Make Sandwich is Set to Dominate NYC’s Fast-Casual Scene

Cuisine: , | Featured in Best Of, Restaurant, Sandwiches

Bark Hot Dog’s Josh Sharkey has joined forces with a veritable fast-casual dream team (Melt Shop’s Spencer Rubin and Aurify Brands, behind the health-focused Little Beet) to launch Make Sandwich in Union Square — a have it your way, between-the-bread take on Chipotle.

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Inside Hao Noodle & Tea: The Biggest Sleeper Hit of 2016

Cuisine: | Featured in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

A number of new prestige projects reliably made critics “best of” lists this past year, from Daniel Rose’s sumptuous, classically French Le Coucou, to Aska, Fredrik Berselius’ austere Scandinavian tasting room. Yet an (at the time) under-the-radar Chinese restaurant ended up garnering an equal measure of praise — that would be Hao Noodle & Tea by Madam Zhu’s Kitchen — a debut American venture from a prolific restaurateur, with establishments throughout Beijing, Chongqing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai.

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How Sweet It Is: L.A.’s Sugarfish Has Landed in NYC

Cuisine: , | Featured in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

As much as New Yorkers would like to believe that we’re the epicenter of the food world, we’ve admittedly borrowed a lot from Los Angeles and this year, we’ve even appropriated a number of restaurants as well, including Sugarfish; an outpost of California’s beloved sushi spot…

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Where to Dine on New Year’s Day

Cuisine: | Featured in Best Of, New Year's Day, New Years Day Dining

Don’t feel like shelling out $300 per head for some over-the-top New Year’s Eve dinner, or having appletini’s spilled on your cocktail dress at an over-populated party? Or perhaps you’ve stayed out until the wee hours as it is, and are merely in search for some eggs over easy, along with a hair of the dog. In either case, here’s where to go for (comparatively) low-key New Year’s Day celebrations, from Dovetail’s bubbly brunch, to Maysville’s black-eyed pea giveaway…

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Tim Ho Wan is Your Ultimate Chrismukkah Destination

Cuisine: | Featured in Best Of, Chinese Restaurants, Christmas Eats, Holiday Eats, Restaurant

Chinese food is actually an integral part of many a Jew’s holiday season — it’s tradition to go out for Asian delicacies like Peking duck on Christmas Day, while most Christian celebrants are tucked away at home. And with the recent opening of a NYC outpost of Tim Ho Wan (i.e., the world’s most inexpensive, Michelin-starred restaurant), the “Chosen People” are really in luck this year because they have a solid chance at scoring one of the year’s most sought-after tables…

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Our Guide to NYC’s Most Festive Holiday Sweets

Cuisine: | Featured in Best Of, Christmas Eats, Dessert

Halloween’s all about candy & Thanksgiving is associated with pie — but when it comes to Christmas & Hanukkah, pretty much everything goes on the dessert front. Which is why we’ve rounded up the city’s most merry, no-holds-barred sweets, from Eataly’s array of Panettone, to Dominique Ansel’s Polar Bear Buche…

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