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Southern Cuisines

Trend Spotting: Nashville Takes NYC

Neighborhood: | Featured in Trendwatch

NYC had a Southern-fried revolution years ago — and now eateries serving green tomatoes and biscuit and gravy are as commonplace as pizza parlors and Chinese takeout spots. But things have taken a hyper-regional turn with the rise of Nashville cuisine; starting with a major, local obsession with hot chicken, and expanding precipitously from there.

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New York’s Best Chicken and Waffles

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of

What’s not to love about chicken and waffles? The all American soul food- meets-Pennsylvania Dutch dish ingeniously combines one of our favorite comfort foods (fried chicken) with one of our go-to brunch treats (waffles), so here’s our favorite spots in NYC to get your fix! From Root & Bone to Buttermilk Channel, Talde & more…

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Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen is Hot, Hot, Hot

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Brooklyn, First Bite, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

Hot chicken couldn’t be, well, hotter in New York right now. And we have Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen to thank for that, which, thanks to the almost year-long buzz preceding its recent, Brooklyn opening, ended up significantly raising the local profile of the incendiary Nashville favorite, which has been popping up in earnest on menus all around the city…

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Down Home Comes to NYC

Neighborhood: | Featured in Gourmet Gossip, Restaurant Spotting, Trendwatch

Ever heard of a meat-and-three? It’s a down-home restaurant style that’s considerably more popular in the South than it is in NYC — allowing customers to choose their protein (such as meatloaf or chicken-fried steak), along with a trio of soulful sides, such as creamed corn or mac & cheese. But as swiftly as New York has appropriated Nashville hot chicken, we’ve poached their beloved, countrified concept as well, with not just one, but two new debuts…

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King Bee Brings Acadia to the East Village

Neighborhood: | Featured in First Bite, Restaurant Spotting

New York’s dining scene is such that it’s simply not enough to advertise yourself as an Italian, Mexican or Thai restaurant nowadays. Instead, we’ve got Venetian, Oaxacan and Isaan eateries, which plumb the hyper-regional fare of countries and cities from around the world…

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Root & Bone Redefines Southern Comfort in Alphabet City

Neighborhood: | Featured in Restaurant Spotting

For a long time now, 200 East Third Street, has been home to some of the city’s best southern comfort fare. But for a good 15 of those years, the plates piled high with fried chicken came courtesy of Mama’s Food Shop, which was forced to shutter in 2012. Less than two years later, and the heady scent of pork fat is wafting through the windows once again, but this time, it’s via the building’s newest tenants, Root & Bone…

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Big Easy-Inspired Eats at Bo’s Kitchen and Bar

Neighborhood: | Featured in Restaurant

The official end of summer is actually September 22nd, which means we’re invariably still in for some hot & humid weather before the leaves start to fall. So as long as it feels as though you’re sweating bullets down on the Bayou, you might as well eat as if you are, starting with a ourbon-based cocktail and a plate of deep-fried alligator nuggets at Bo’s. Yes, really…

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