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Best New Find – Bear

12-14 31st Avenue,
New York 11106
Phone: (917) 396-4939

If you’re not impressed by the Swarovski crystal chandeliers or Venetian-tiled floors at this showy Long Island City spot, you’ll still be won over by its unique menu of New European food.  The offerings change every night, so sit back and put your faith in the hands of the chef.  Kickstart your evening with The Vodka Special, which features three small bites like Eggplant Caviar, Ukrainian Lardo, or Red Potatoes with Sunflower and Fresh Dill,  plus several shots of vodka.  They’ve also featured some great entrees recently, like Veal Dumplings, Buckwheat Pilaf, and a Pork Loin Sandwich.  And be sure to ask if they’re serving their Home-Made Chocolate Truffles for dessert.

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