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L’Osteria Di Santa Marina

Campo Santa Marina 5911,
Phone: 39 041 5285239

This charming restaurant takes a sophisticated, often modern approach to Venetian cooking without losing the integrity of the classics.  Take the Squid Dumplings, for example, which aren’t dumplings at all. (We assumes they were ravioli stuffed with squid.)  Instead what arrives is a delicate arrangement of grilled squid molded into the shape of dumplings and dressed with a flavorful duo of pistachio sauce and tomato sauce.  I don’t want to get ahead of myself as the house always serves an appetizing amuse bouche, like a dish of sweet white polenta crowned with a salty foil of anchovies — a simple, satisfying dish that wreaks of Italy.



There’s great attention to detail at L’Osteria Di Santa Marina  where they make both the bread and pasta in-house as well as all the pastries.  In fact, the bread comes right from the oven to your table.  You’d be wise to sample the “Chicheti Venetian Style,” a sampling of four briny bites — smoked cod puree, crab anointed with basil and olive oil, sweet baby shrimp atop polenta, and a baked scallop served in the shell with breadcrumbs.  We also enjoyed the Prawns skewered and grilled with lardo, squid and pickled onions.  Oh, and they save the best for last as the Pistachio Meringue Mille Feuille we had was the best dessert we ate in Venice (aside from Boutique Del Gelato’s Gelato) — a nutty, yet light meringue with cool semifreddo layers.

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