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A Spotlight on Smorgasburg’s Most Noteworthy New Vendors

12670763_1533402773629732_5094267106888196197_nWhile they offer an abbreviated roster of vendors during their indoor, winter iteration, Smorgasburg is at its best during spring and summer, when 120 artisans gather at the Williamsburg waterfront, or inside Prospect Park.  And 25 culinary craftsman have joined the already formidable lineup this season, so here’s a peek at a few of the most notable additions, from BrunchStreet and their quail eggs on a stick, to Raindrop Cake and their eponymous, Instagram-worthy “pastry.”

12592641_510512909132813_8036955341539729334_nBig Mozz: While not technically new (these Brooklyn caterers entered the Smorgasburg fray last season with freshly-stretched, sauce-injected mozzarella balls), they’ve actually been promoted as the market’s solo pizza vendor, bringing in 1000-degree, custom copper clad ovens, to fire up thin- crusted, Neapolitan-style pies — topped with their signature cheese, of course.

BrunchStreet: Forget about pancakes and eggs benedict; this stand is taking a cue from China, by specializing in one of their most popular breakfasts; quail eggs on a stick.  And considering the chef is an EMP alum, you can expect variations well beyond the standard sesame, cumin and chili sauce-flavored option; think Western-inspired flavorings like 920x920truffle, parmesan, and brioche.

Raindrop Cake: Already shaping up to be the breakout star of the season (expect Ramen Burger-level lines), this spot serves jiggly, transparent “cakes,” based on Japanese mizu shingen mochi; made from barely solidified water, and served with brown sugar syrup and roasted soy flour.

Kimchi Kooks: The Korean food craze shows no signs of slowing down, and this stand is putting the popular fermented condiment, kimchi, front and center.  Not only are they selling jars of small batch cabbage, made with recipes obtained from the owner’s great grandfather, but they’ve also developed a menu to showcase their pungent product, including kimchi kimcheemung bean pancakes and kimchi dumplings.

Foraged and Found Edibles: Why should restaurants have exclusive access to ramps and fiddlehead ferns?  In addition to serving over 100 local eateries, Foraged and Found will supply the everyday festivalgoer with otherwise tough to come by delicacies, such as natural black morel mushrooms, stinging nettle and wild watercress.

Rubyzaar Baked: Not only do they serve unique, artisanal takes on that 20131125-union-square-holiday-market-rubyzaarNYC classic, the egg cream, Rubyzaar bakes cookies inspired by some of their favorite tunes.  Look for the “Midnight Train to Georgia” with peaches, pecans and maple, the “Ginger Baker” with crystallized ginger, cranberries, and cinnamon, and the “Keith Moonpie” featuring burnt marshmallows, crushed graham crackers and dark chocolate.

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