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The Wooly Public is an Elite Social Club for the Masses

woolypublic_frontroomwideOne of New York’s most exclusive members-only clubs is going public.

Located in the landmarked Woolworth building, The Wooly (billed as having been “not open since 2009”) — has long operated as a posh private lounge and event-space.  The owners threw a few crumbs to the crowd in 2015 with The Wooly Daily (a casual grab-and-go café) before finally extending an olive branch to everyday people just this past week.

Aptly dubbed Wooly Public, the proletariat hang-out invites lingering, with board games built into the tables (such as chess, backgammon and scrabble), and a space furnished with stylistic interpretations of their house mascot, the mammoth; including cubist and impressionist works of art.

WoolyPublic_Cocktails_WoolynesiaThe tusked wonder is even fashioned into mugs cradling cocktails from Mayahuel and Death & Co.’s head bartender, Eryn Reece; sip “Wardays” from its belly (a gin, calvados and chartreuse concoction, inspired by a 1930’s-era tipple from London’s Savoy Hotel), or a modern invention like “Icelandic Pop,” made with vodka, aquavit and ginger.

As for edibles, Maison Premiere alum, Jeff Srole, oversees a duo of sprawling afternoon and evening menus.  Lunchtime options are divided into Smalls (Peking Duck Tots), Large (Downtown Fish Stew), Big Salads (Cobb, Caesar), Sandwiches (BLT, Grilled Chicken) and Burgers — an All-American smash style, a vegetarian beet, and a luxe “Private” patty, boasting dry-aged beef, applewood smoked cheddar and bread and butter pickles.  Most appear again 716387ccf55bc4049bebc974901b8201during dinner, supplemented by Bar Bites such as Crispy Stuffed Olives and smoked trout Deviled Eggs, “Painting Room Entrees” including Confit Chicken, Hake and Flatiron Steak, and even an alternating “Back to 1913” option — in deference to the Woolworth Building’s original restaurant’s menu — which is currently Frogs Legs, dipped in housemade tartar sauce.

You may not have what it takes to get into private quarters, but no matter — Wooly Public is definitely the hot new place to be and to eat.

Wooly Public
233 Broadway

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