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Coffee Shop Cuisines

The Recently Revamped El Rey Is A Prime Summertime Destination

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting, Summer Eats

Come summertime on the Lower East Side, there’s no better spot to peep at beautiful, fashionable passerby than from a sunny window seat at El Rey, sipping on a frozen Tinto de Verano, aka a “Poor Man’s Sangria,” made from equal parts cola and red wine.

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Doughboy’s Killer PB & J Pound Cake

Neighborhood: | Featured in Dish Spotting, Restaurant

You know those people who say, “I don’t have a sweet tooth,” or “I only crave salty foods”? I don’t trust them. How is that humanly possible? I can’t imagine having the kind of willpower it takes to stare down a LeVain Bakery cookie and walk away. What kind of sad existence is that anyway?

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