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Fatty ‘Cue Williamsburg

91 S 6th Street,
New York 11249
Phone: (718) 599-3090

First, Zak Pelaccio changed the dining landscape in New York when he opened a funky Malaysian called Fatty Crab. A few years later, he caught everyone’s attention again when he opened a notably hip, Southeast Asian BBQ joint in both Williamsburg and another outpost in the West Village. Where to begin? You might not think cocktails at a barbeque joint, but we suggest you start with a Fatty Manhattan with smoked cherry coke, vermouth, bitters and lemon zest. Then, head straight for their now, infamous “ham, jam, butter & bread.” This ain’t your ordinary bbq joint, which is why you can find a to-die-for buttermilk fried rabbit on this menu. The menu lends itself to modern barbecue, like deep-fried bacon and smoked brisket with aged gouda (That’s right. Cheese!)

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