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Four and Twenty Blackbirds’ Apple Rose Pie

439 3rd Avenue,
NY 11215
Phone: (718) 499-2917

This little bakery in Gowanus took New York by storm when it opened its doors two years ago.  And that’s no easy feat in this food town.  But it’s hard not to take notice of a pie dubbed Salted Caramel Apple or Strawberry Balsamic Pie.  The menu changes daily, allowing for ample experimentation from Melissa and Emily Elsen, a talented sister duo, who are masters of balancing sweet with savory.  With only one oven in a quaint, rustic-looking shop, Melissa and Emily pump out each pie by hand. Their Apple Rose Pie is the most unusual one on their menu.  Made with paper-thin slices of apples and pears soaked in lemon juice, covered in a crunchy cinnamon sugar topping, and drizzled with sweet rose water, this pie is something that caught us off guard in the best way possible. Now is the perfect time to get it, considering it’s the peak of apple-picking season. But make sure you get there early. Four and Twenty Blackbirds closes their doors during holidays because they already have too many orders. But if you don’t live in the Brooklyn area, their pie is definitely worth a short trip to taste.

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