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Peter Luger Steakhouse

178 Broadway,
New York 11211
Phone: (718) 387-7400

This carnivore institution never gets old. Even the servers’ attitudes seem oddly charming at this Brooklyn steakhouse. Settle into a wood table, skip the menu and order the extra thick-cut bacon and a tomato and onion salad. We’ve even come up with our own creation. Slice open one of their signature, onion rolls and layer it with bacon, onion, tomato, a dab of Luger sauce and repeat. While we like the porterhouse, we like the perfectly charred burger even better.  Either way, get the french fried potatoes and creamed spinach on the side and save room for the holy cow sundae. You may need to be rolled home, but it’s worth it.
Don’t Miss Dish: Burger, Bacon, & porterhouse
End With: The holy cow sundae
Drink This: A martini, red wine.
Price: $$$ (cash only)
Occasion: Group dinner, family dinner, lazy brunch

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