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Date Night – Pylos

128 East 7th Street,
New York
New York 10009
Phone: (212) 473-0220

It ain’t easy to wine and dine in this fine city without burning a hole in your wallet, but there are a few romantic gems that don’t break the bank.  In fact, we prefer the intimate setting and the thousands of white urns dangling from the ceiling at this East Village Greek.  The wine selection at Pylos is excellent and affordable, and the food is even better – try homestyle Greek delicacies, like Grilled Baby Lamb Chops with mini-stuffed eggplants, Scallops in an Ouzo Tomato Sauce, and of course, pita and a trio of classic dipping sauces perfect for sharing.  Don’t worry… two people with garlic breath cancel each other out.

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