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62 Avenue des Ternes,
Phone: 33 1 45 72 29 47

Talk about an underrated restaurant: Not once did anyone mention Rech when recommending restaurants to visit in Paris.  That’s a mistake.

I make to sure hit up Rech every time I head to Paris because it’s all the things you love about France wrapped up in one casually elegant spot.  Why?  For starters, there’s a terrific selection of Oysters from all over France.  But that’s just one of the stellar slurry of shellfish on display outside the entrance of Rech, a compelling lure to step inside and order the Seafood Plateau, brimming with Langoustines, Mussels, Clams, Crayfish, Whelks, Shrimps and I could go on.  You could order the Plateau, nibble on great French bread and butter, drink some Chablis and call it a good night here.

IMG_8587But then you’d miss the Vegetable Tart, a vibrant melange of spring produce — the likes of beets, asparagus, peas and artichokes — poised on a savory, flaky pedestal.  Or a delicate Grey Mullet Carpaccio with a not-so-delicate Uni served in the shell.  The food here manages to be sophisticated, yet unpretentious; the kitchen seems to put the purity and freshness of the ingredients first.

I’m always wary to order Sole Meuniere as so many restaurants oversauce, but Rech reminds you why this dish became a classic in the first place.  Theirs is a beautiful specimen of fish, gently sauced, to tease out the best of the Sole.  And the Baked John Dory — sauced with olives, thyme, and white wine — is out of this world.   The Asparagus Gratin that accompanies it out of the kitchen is a major bonus.


Rech’s Own Camembert

But the food’s not the only thing to love about this restaurant.  The white-washed, two-story space with prints of fish along the walls, beachy wood floors and chairs makes you feel like you’re dining on the water.  And the staff is super friendly and welcoming, which is not always the case in Paris (just saying).

Sure, it’s a seafood spot, but Rech is also famous for its very own and very funky Camembert, made just for Alain Ducasse.  It’s the perfect cheese course before you get busy with their to-die-for French Toast or oversized Chocolate Eclair. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, try the Strawberry Rhubarb Tart with Fennel.  For my money, you can’t eat at here and not finish with the signature “Mister Rech,” a bowl of hazelnut ice cream with hot chocolate sauce made with chocolate from their own factory in Paris.



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