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Nordic Cuisines

Nordic Goes Casual at n’eat

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If you thought we were at peak New Nordic, thanks to the relaunch of Fredrik Berselius’ Aska, and the opening of Claus Meyer’s sprawling food court and restaurant in Grand Central Station, think again. Enter n’eat…

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Inside the Great Northern Food Hall

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Most New York food halls are veritable dream teams of assembled vendors, but Grand Central’s foray into the gourmet market game can be traced back to one man, Claus Meyer, the co-founder of Copenhagen’s world-revered Noma. Which is why his multi-stalled Great Northern Food Hall is the city’s most expansive expression of the New Nordic movement yet…

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An All-Vegetarian Tasting Menu at Acme

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Nowadays, chefs are quick to advertise any and all associations with Noma on their resumes, from legitimate staff members, such as Daniel Burns of Luksus, to mere stages (interns), or anyone who worked the burners for a month or two. But no one has greater bragging rights to an influential involvement with the eatery than Mads Refslund, who co-founded the famed, forage-centric Danish restaurant with René Redzepi in 2003, thus ushering in the age of New Nordic cuisine…

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The name on most restaurant scene-sters lips this year (or the ones that can ably pronounce it, anyway,) was undeniably Mads Refslund.  Formerly of the world-famous Noma in Copenhagen, Refslund wove a world of culinary adventure into plates as inauspicious sounding as Radishes (listed on the menu under the heading Raw, and served with an oyster-parsley dip), Farmers Eggs (Cooked), an assemblage of cauliflower foam-filled shells over chicken wire, Salt-baked Carrots (Soil), with sliced lardo and blood orange, and a deceptively straightforward Roasted Bass (Sea/Land), flavored with wild onions, thyme and...

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