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Chef Joe Doe

Address: 45 East 1st St.,
New York
NY 10003
Phone: (212) 780-0262

Chef Joe Dobias and mixologist Jill Schulster have put together what they’ve dubbed an “aggressive American” menu at their East Village eatery.  Not only does that phrase capture the essence of their boldly flavored dishes, like the Fried Chicken Feet, and the Pork and Beans with Duck Eggs and Bacon Dough, it also explains Chef Joe Doe’s unique list of “Prepared Beers.”  The 10-item beer cocktail selection features primarily American brews, mixed with handmade spirits, seasonal juices, salts, and unusual ingredients, like frozen marshmallows and peanut dust.  A few of the standouts on the menu are the “Honey Beer,” the “Muddy Puddle,” and the “Spicy Lady.”  The “Honey Beer” is a sweet and sour combination of Dale’s Pale Ale, gin, fresh lemon juice, and a dollop of salted honey while the “Muddy Puddle” is a strong and slightly bizarre blend of stout, bourbon, iced espresso, and peanut dust.  One of the more refreshing blends is the “Spicy Lady,” a mix of light beer, cayenne pepper, fresh lemon, and raw sugar.  If you can’t pick just one to sample (we don’t blame you), round up a few friends and order a few to sample.  Whatever you do, pair it with their warm Lavash Bread or “Matzo Balls via Mexico,” and we’d say you’re in for a good night with friends.

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