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American Cuisines

Food and Film Come Together at Metrograph Commissary

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

The movie theatre-cum-restaurant is already a big thing in Brooklyn and now, it’s finally taken hold in Manhattan, with the recent debut of Metrograph Commissary, inspired by the in-studio eateries from Hollywood’s golden age. Did we mention the food’s legit?

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Blue Hill At Stone Barns

Neighborhood: | Featured in Restaurant, RG's Favorites

If you’ve never been to the magical place that is Blue Hill at Stone Barns, you’d be wise to add it to your must-try before you die lists.  While it’s located only an hour outside the city, it feels worlds away from Manhattan, and even Blue Hill’s city outpost. It’s there in Pocantico Hills where chef Dan Barber brings city folks (and a flurry of tourists) back to the land where everything on our plate comes from.  Few chefs have earned the title “pioneer” more than Dan Barber himself, who practically invented the farm-to-table movement nearly a decade ago.  And he continues to push the envelope with new notions of sustainability, farming and the like. Dinner at Blue Hill is a multi-course extravaganza, made up not of luxe ingredients per se, but rather homegrown and humble.  One of the newest, most...

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The Surf’s Finally Up at Pizza Beach on the Lower East Side

Neighborhood: | Featured in Al Fresco Dining, First Bite, Restaurant

Pizza Beach may have opened on the Lower East Side back in October, but now that its spring, it finally feels like the right — read; non ironic — time to visit the laidback, Orchard Street spot, from the team behind the East Pole and Brinkley’s.

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John DeLucie Breaks Free of The Crown Group With Bedford & Co.

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in First Bite, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

It’s been quite the drama-frilled year for John DeLucie, one of New York’s first real (non-television) celeb chefs. After a steady series of shutters — including Crown, The Lion, The Windsor and Bill’s Food & Drink — it was finally revealed that he was in the middle of a legal battle, due to murky financial dealings involving his former partner…

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Q & A with Bedford & Co’s John DeLucie

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in Chef Q&A, Chef Q&A Recipes, Restaurant

Since bursting onto the scene at Graydon Carter’s star-studded The Waverly Inn a decade ago, John DeLucie has become a celebrity himself, opening glitterati-adored eateries like The Lion, The Crown and now Bedford & Co., and publishing “The Hunger: A Memoir of an Accidental Chef…”

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Restaurant Spotting: Bottle & Bine

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in First Bite, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

In many instances, three’s a crowd, but that’s hardly the case when it comes to the recently opened Bottle & Bine; an exciting collaboration between three of the industry’s most accomplished females. Executive chef Angie Berry (formerly of Asiate, Gotham Bar & Grill and Del Posto) helms this new midtown kitchen…

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David’s Cafe is Ready for Its Close-Up

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in First Bite, Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

It seems you gotta have a gimmick if you wanna get ahead in the East Village nowadays. David Chang & Brooks Headley face off with their cheffy takes on greasy fast food favorites. There are even media perennials, such as Harry & Ida’s, and its well-Instagrammed pastrami sandwich. And if the newly opened David’s Café has anything to say about it, it will soon become the poster child of over-the-top poutine…

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Q & A with Chef Gabriel Kreuther

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Chef Q&A, Chef Q&A Recipes, Restaurant

Many of New York’s best, high-end chefs have been clamoring to open fast-casual spots as of late, but that hasn’t swayed Gabriel Kreuther one bit. After spending the last ten years as top toque at Danny Meyer’s luxe museum restaurant, The Modern, he recently opened his own eponymous, equally refined, and already Michelin-starred spot…

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Wildair – Review

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in First Bite, Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Reviews

I’ve never been a fan of sharing communal tables with strangers, straddling backless stools in bare bones dining rooms… with no reservation policies; the hipster way of dining. Of course, that doesn’t mean I didn’t make sacrifices. Afterall, I love great food, above all else and over the years, there have been a slurry of exciting eateries worth surrendering creature comforts for. Wildair falls into that category, especially right about now…

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Gabriel Kreuther – Review

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Reviews

If you’re not a fan of fuss, you won’t have the patience for Gabriel Kreuther. But if you can still appreciate the glories of fine dining — the merits of many courses, tableside theatrics and luxe ingredients — Kreuther’s namesake eatery in the heart of midtown is an absolute must this fall…

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New York’s Tastiest Turkey Sandwiches

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of, Sandwiches

Turkey doesn’t tend to get a whole lot of love beyond the Thanksgiving table except when it comes to sandwiches — and even those can be snooze-worthy affairs. Which is why we rounded up a few, awesome between-the-bread creations, that actually shine an ultra-flattering spotlight on the oft-maligned bird — from the Asian-inspired Pulled Turkey at Num Pang, to Parm’s Spicy Roast Turkey & Mozzarella to No. 7 Sub’s Turkey & Frito Combo…

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Q & A with High Street on Hudson’s Baker, Alex Bois

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Chef Q&A, Chef Q&A Recipes, Restaurant

Philly has frequently been heralded as one of America’s hot, upcoming dining hubs. And a great deal of the credit goes to Alex Bois, the James Beard award nominated baker behind High Street on Market.

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Q & A with Untitled’s Michael Anthony

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Chef Q&A, Chef Q&A Recipes

Danny Meyer’s hospitality group tends to inspire an unprecedented amount of loyalty, which is especially evident in the case of Michael Anthony, who’s been the executive chef and driving, culinary force behind Gramercy Tavern for nearly a decade…

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The Little Pie Company

Neighborhood: | Featured in Uncategorized

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Restaurant Spotting: Superiority Complex

Neighborhood: , | Featured in First Bite, First Bite, Restaurant Spotting

If you thought the mayhem surrounding Fuku was insane — in the form of up-to-the-minute reports on lines wrapping around 1st Ave. — it can’t hold a candle to the commotion surrounding Superiority Burger and its killer veggie burgers…

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Health-Conscious Cafe Clover is Ideal for Ladies (and Gents) Who Lunch

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

It’s surprising it took Café Clover as long as it did to expand beyond dinner; considering the restaurant is practically custom-made for ladies who lunch. Not that, in today’s increasingly health-conscious society, the eatery is in any way geared towards females, but designed to fit seamlessly into anyone’s fitness-focused lifestyle, with each dish vetted and approved by a board-certified nutritionist…

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Inside Oleanders: Brooklyn’s Addition to the Hotel Restaurant Renaissance

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Brooklyn, First Bite, Restaurant Spotting

Hotel restaurants used to have a really bad rap, but nowadays, that couldn’t be further from the case; eateries situated in hotels are frequently counted amongst Manhattan’s finest, from Jean-Georges in the Trump Tower and Café Boulud in The Surrey, to The Breslin in the Ace, Marta in the Martha Washington, and The NoMad in, well, The NoMad…

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Q & A with Prune’s Gabrielle Hamilton

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Chef Q&A

If you’ve yet to read Gabrille Hamilton’s James Beard Award-winning memoir, Blood, Bones and Butter, you might be surprised to hear her refer to herself as a “reluctant” chef. After all, the owner of the long-running, much admired Prune (where it’s still nearly impossible to get a table, and for which she’s also snagged a highly coveted Beard award), is regularly upheld as being one of New York’s greatest culinary talents…

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Meet Virginia’s : An East Village Winner from a Chicago-Based Crew

Neighborhood: , | Featured in First Bite, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

Chicago may be considered one of the next great food cities, but it recently lost a bunch of talent to New York. The co-owners of Virginia’s, which recently opened in the East Village, first met while working at Charlie Trotter’s (chef Christian Ramos went on to become sous chef at Per Se, and Reed Adelson moved to Locanda Verde)…

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The Polo Bar – Review

Neighborhood: , , , | Featured in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Reviews, RG's Favorites

21 Club and Monkey Bar, eat your heart out. There’s finally a new power scene spot in the no man’s land that is midtown, dubbed the The Polo Bar, and it’s single-handedly reviving the notion of “see and be seen.” Throngs of food and lifestyle writers have gushed about random Rihanna, Beyonce, and Barbara Walters sightings at this hot, New York haunt…

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