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First Prize Pies’ Apple Cider Cream Pie

120 Essex Street,
New York
NY 10002
Phone: (646) 338-6812

Ever since Allison Kave won the 1st Annual Brooklyn Pie-Off back in 2009, her pies have been getting tons of attention from New Yorkers. It’s not just the quality of the pies that makes us love this place, but the innovative offerings on their menu.  Kave dreams up everything from Greek Honey pie, with a consistency somewhere between custard and cheesecake, to Mexican Chocolate Cream pie dusted with a kick of cayenne and chile, and Apple Brandy.   Even her apple pies are different, like Apple Brandy or Apple Cheddar.  Still, there’s something about her Sweet Potato Pie that soothes our comfort food cravings like nothing else.  It’s the combination of luscious sweet potato, maple syrup, molasses and rum.    Though they don’t have a shop yet, you can pick up orders from Roni-Sue’s Chocolates on the Lower East Side.

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