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569 Lexington Avenue,
New York
New York 10022
Phone: (212) 593-0848

Hershey’s, Mars Bars and Milky Ways are great when you’re young.  But as you get older, you crave chocolate that, well, actually tastes like chocolate.  That’s where this famed Belgian manufacturer comes in.  They really know their way around a cocoa bean (the company was founded in 1857), so pay a visit to the New York flagship store for Peruvian Chocolate Praline, silky Pistachio Truffles, buttercream-based Manon Sucre, Dark Chocolate Orange Tablets, or impossibly decadent candy bars, studded with Wild Strawberries, Feuilletine, Speculoos, or crunchy Gianduja and Puffed Rice.

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