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Westville’s Pumpkin Pie A la Mode

173 Avenue A,
New York
NY 10009
Phone: (212) 677-2933

You know there’s got to be something great about a neighborhood joint when it just keeps expanding into new neighborhoods.  Westville is proof that sometimes the fresh and simple approach is the best.  Their daily market menu, studded with dishes like lemon grilled asparagus with parmesan or split pea chorizo soup, is just as big as their regular menu with American inspired favorites, like .  Right now, all eyes are on the dessert menu and especially their pumpkin pie.  One of the best renditions around, theirs comes with a dense and deliciously spicy pumpkin nestled in a thick, soft crust.  It’s served a la mode with Basset’s Vanilla Bean Ice cream — the perfect foil to this perfect slice.


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