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Indian Cuisines

The Indian Food Boom Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of, Ethnic Eats

New York’s Indian food scene has been on a definite upswing, and a quadrant of newcomers cut an even bigger swath of spice through the city the summer. From aRoqa to Old Monk & Babu Ji, here’s the skinny on this hot & spicy cuisine…

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Trend Spotting: High-End Indian On The Rise

Neighborhood: | Featured in Trendwatch

The past year has already been a banner one for quality Indian fare in NYC, with an import of New Delhi’s lavish, world-renowned Indian Accent, preceded by a duo of sleek fast-casual health chains, along with the modern, critically-adored Babu Ji. But in the last couple of months, the status of the perennially overlooked cuisine has catapulted into the stratosphere, owing to the debut…

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Restaurant Spotting: Indian Accent

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in Ethnic Eats, First Bite, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

While Asian cuisines like Japanese, Korean, and Filipino have been hotbeds of innovation over the last few years, Indian fare has remained largely relegated to Murray (Curry) Hill. But in just the last year, it’s begun to muscle its way into the spotlight, including New Delhi import, Indian Accent…

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Inday Brings Fast-Casual Indian Fare to the NoMad District

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Ethnic Eats, Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

NYC is exploding with fast-casual lunch spots with a decidedly healthy bent, from Chipotle and Chop’t to Sweetgreen and The Little Beet. And the newest entrant, Inday, attempts to add a little extra spice to a mix, by bringing an Indian edge to its assortment of salads, wraps and bowls…

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At Haldi, A Michelin-Starred Chef Explores the Cuisine of Calcutta’s Jews

Neighborhood: | Featured in Ethnic Eats, Restaurant Spotting

Haldi — an otherwise unassuming space on the corner of 29th Street — is now being helmed by the esteemed Hemant Mathur, an innovative chef who received Michelin stars for the high-end establishments, Tulsi and Devi (the very first Indian eatery to receive that honor in New York). But don’t expect fussy, high-falutin fare at Haldi either…

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Goa Taco Is Redefining Mexican Street Food

Neighborhood: | Featured in Dish Spotting, Ethnic Eats, Restaurant Spotting

Up until relatively recently, the basic definition of “taco” has been corn or flour tortillas, wrapped around a combination of beans, meat, and/or cheese. But as the culinary lines between disparate cuisines blur, “tacos” can now refer to tortillas wrapped around just about anything, from bulgogi beef to roasted Japanese pumpkin. Goa Taco — a Smorgasburg stand turned Lower East Side pop-up — has gone one further by doing away with the tortillas themselves, swapping out griddled discs of flour or masa and subbing in flaky, warm Indian parathas…

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Unique Indian Fare at Awadh

Neighborhood: | Featured in Ethnic Eats, First Bite, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

For all of the cuisines represented by New York’s uniquely multicultural dining scene, there’s never been an especially strong showing of Indian restaurants. Especially really regional ones. Sure, there’s a sizable concentration of standard, tikka masala spots in Murray (Curry) Hill as well as a more recent handful of scattered, casual eateries representing the Southern, largely vegetarian side of the country. But there have been precious few places that have examined the more nuanced, hyper-regional dishes from very specific areas of India, making the newly opened Awadh a notable addition to the Upper West Side…

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Best Brooklyn Bites: Dosa Royale

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of, Brooklyn

For years now, we Brooklynites have bemoaned the lack of a single South Indian restaurant in Brooklyn. Sure, you’ll find plenty of places serving saucy, Northern-style Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Korma and Saag Paneer, but not a one featuring the unique, largely vegetarian fare associated with the Southern region, like Dosas, Idlis and Vada Pav, that is until now…

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New York’s Top Curries

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of

Lately, we’ve been on a serious curry kick. And with all of the new Thai and Southeast Asian restaurants that have opened recently, it’s an exciting habit to pick up. There’s an arsenal of curries that doesn’t begin with Indian and end with Thai. Far from it. There’s Japanese Vietnamese, Malaysian and Korean curries, too. We’ve pulled together a list of our favorites, from milder options like the Berkshire pork cutlet curry at Curry-Ya to a spicy lamb vindaloo at Brick Lane Curry House.  Here’s the rest of our picks. Junoon Address: 27 West 24th St., near Broadway Phone: (212) 490-2900 Website: Restaurants like Tamarind and Devi proved that Indian cuisine can hold its own in the world of fine dining. Last year, Junoon took it to another level with a serious wine list, stunning dining room and...

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Neighborhood: | Featured in Reviews

A hip stage for modern American with an Indian edge. 33 W. Eighth St., near MacDougal (212) 677-3833 Dinner, Mon.-Sun., 5:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m. CUISINE Indian-inflected American VIBE Hip Village haunt OCCASION Bar dining; downtown date DON’T-MISS DISH Crispy pig’s feet; fried quail. PRICE Appetizers, $9-16; entrees, $18-25; desserts, $7. RESERVATIONS Recommended From the looks of it, you would never know there is a well-trained chef hustling in the kitchen at Eletteria, a restaurant that just debuted in Greenwich Village. Floating doors, cropped paintings and a fake staircase suggest a funhouse for frivolous culinary affairs. So does the audience, a hip, young crowd who tend to flock to the newest restaurants for sport. But a deep-fried quail suggests serious pleasures. When skin this crisp gives way to such wondrously sweet meat, you don’t debate the merits of frying. It’s perfectly...

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