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Mission Chinese’s Fusion

154 Orchard Street,
New York
New York 10002
Phone: (212) 529-8800

Perhaps no restaurant on this list proves the versatility and popularity of fusion better than Mission Chinese.  In fact, the restaurant is the brainchild of Korean-American Chef Danny Bowien.  After years of working late nights as a line cook, Bowien found that he and his colleagues were always searching for the perfect Asian junk food to eat late night after work.  Hence, Mission Chinese was born.  The menu is heavy on the Sichuan influences with lots of different countries and genres thrown in for good measure, like American barcue.  There’s a Broccoli Beef Brisket in Oyster Sauce, BBQ Pig Ear Terrine, thrice-cooked bacon, and Bowien’s ultimate creation – the Kung Pao Pastrami.  Thankfully, Mission Chinese now accepts reservations so you no longer have to wait two hours to taste what we’re talking about for yourself.

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