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The Tippler

best beer cocktails
West 15th Street,
New York
NY 10014
Phone: (212) 206-0000

We’ve been shopping and eating in Chelsea Market for years and we just recently discovered this ever-so-discreet lounge in the  reclaimed, century-old basement.  The resulting ambiance is both elegant and old-timey vibe, but the crowd is a 100% young and hip Meatpacking crowd.  The Tippler’s food offerings are basic, with small plates, pickles, and sandwiches, but the extensive cocktail list is reason enough to venture there.  The cocktail list is edgy and witty with a shots selection dubbed “Fast & Furious,” or a “free-style cocktail” called the “Weeping Gypsy” with chocolate vodka and blood orange juice, and even some frozen slushies (not the saccharine sweet kind).  Their “Gin and Chronic” is an innovative take on the classic Gin Highball with the addition of beer.  A lively, hoppy blend of gin, hops, spiced lime, and tonic, it’s garnished with a dried conical hop and a wedge of lime — complex, full of notes of spices and citrus.

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