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Chinese Cuisines

Guide to New York Beer Week 2016

Neighborhood: | Featured in Eating Events

Beer is bigger then ever, which is why it only makes sense that New York City’s Eighth Annual Beer Week actually lasts for nine days. From February 19th-28th, top bars and restaurants from throughout all five boroughs will engage in an all-out celebration of suds, and we’ve rounded up some don’t-miss events — from a four-course beer-bent dinner at Lupulo to a grilled cheese pairing at Stinky Bklyn…

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New York’s Most Innovative Chinese Restaurants

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of, Chinese Restaurants, Ethnic Eats, Restaurant

Thanks to a stable of talented chefs at the very top of their game — from Per Se’s Jonathan Wu (Fung Tu) to Tuome’s Thomas Chen (Eleven Madison Park) and the incomparable Danny Bowien (Mission Chinese) — Chinese is finally getting the citywide respect it so deeply and utterly deserves. So here’s a few awesome spots to celebrate the Chinese New Year this week…

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Lumos NYC is America’s Very First Baijiu Bar

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Drink Spotting, Ethnic Eats

New York may be experiencing a Chinese food renaissance — with modern spots like Tuome & Decoy — but that hasn’t done much for the stagnant state of their drinks and desserts. Until now. Lumos NYC is America’s first “Baijiu Bar,” showcasing the traditional, 5000 year-old celebratory liquor of China…

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Bar Goto is a Lower East Side Go-To

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Drink Spotting, Restaurant

Kenta Goto is the latest star-tender to emerge from the Pegu Club, following in the footsteps of Phil Ward (Death & Co.), St. John Frizell (Fort Defiance), Del Pedro (Tooker Alley), and Jim Kearns (The Happiest Hour), to open his very own industry-approved speakeasy. Called Bar Goto, the Lower East Side spot hones in on his Japanese heritage with cocktails made with sake, shochu, alongside extensive selection of izakaya fare.

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Q & A with Fung Tu’s Jonathan Wu and John Matt Wells

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Chef Q&A, Chef Q&A Recipes

At the forefront of the refined Chinese food trend, Fung Tu — fittingly straddling traditional Chinatown and the envelope-pushing East Village — gained instant notice for dishes like Bean Curd and Bacon Terrine, Smoked Chicken Salad over Masa Pancakes, and smoky, Duck-Stuffed Dates. But it sort of faded into the background just as fast, in the face of Danny Bowien’s flashier Mission Chinese Food and Thomas Chen’s newer Tuome.

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Northern Tiger Brings Seasonal Chinese Fare to Hudson Eats

Neighborhood: | Featured in Ethnic Eats, First Bite

Northern Tiger has taken possession of the last space in Hudson Eats, offering farm-to-table Chinese fare with an emphasis on dumplings and noodles. And while it’s owned by the team from the similarly seasonally-focused restaurant, Yunnan Kitchen, its very much its own project — refreshing, since the market is mostly occupied by mini chains such as Num Pang, Umami Burger, and Mighty Quinn’s.

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The 8 Luckiest Spots to Spend Chinese New Year 2015

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of, Eating Events, Ethnic Eats

Here’s yet another upcoming celebration, to help you party your way into March — Chinese New Year! The longest public holiday in China (commemorated from February 18th-24th this year), it’s an opportunity to welcome the coming spring, and promote good luck during the months to come. And whether you happen to be Chinese or not, it’s an excellent excuse to feast on some of the best Chinese food around, so here’s where to celebrate the Year of the Sheep in New York!

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Tuome – Review

Neighborhood: | Featured in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Reviews

I wasn’t expecting to stumble on such a buzzy vibe at East Village newcomer, Tuome, on such a rainy night. Chinese fusion — oh how I hate the F word — isn’t exactly in fashion. In fact, most people are wary of any fusion at all. (The mere mention often makes people cringe!) And yet, there I was filing into a packed dining room, filled with the energy of eager eaters, nibbling away on a hybrid of Chinese and New American cooking…

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Guide to New York Cider Week 2014

Neighborhood: | Featured in Eating Events, Fall Foods

The popularity of cider has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, to the point that there are practically as many varieties of fermented apple juice on bar menus nowadays as there are of beer and wine. Cider actually has an annual celebration all to its own called New York Cider Week, being held from October 24th to November 2nd this year. So here are a few apple-centric events you simply wont want to miss…

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Chinese Food Has Its Day

Neighborhood: | Featured in Ethnic Eats, Trendwatch

In light of New York’s current, expansively multi-cultural dining scene, it’s hard to remember that for years, higher-end restaurants in the city were almost exclusively Italian or French. What’s interesting, though, is how long it took Chinese cooking to make its way out of the fast-casual ethnic realm…

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Q & A with Tuome’s Thomas Chen

Neighborhood: | Featured in Chef Q&A

Chinese food is definitely having a moment right now, and we’re not talking about Lo Mein and Fried Rice. Young chefs like Thomas Chen — an Eleven Madison Park vet who just opened his first restaurant, Tuome, in the East Village — are putting a fresh, contemporary face on the cuisine, using top-notch ingredients and refined techniques in order to finally take Chinese fare to the next level…

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Redefining Brunch at the Modern Chinese Eatery, Fung Tu

Neighborhood: | Featured in Ethnic Eats, Restaurant

Brunch has really taken it on the chin lately, with a number of food writers calling into question the appeal of the mid-morning meal — so often associated with overcooked eggs, overpriced pancakes, and overly long lines. But contemporary newcomers, like the year-old Fung Tu, are working hard to counteract those negative connotations, by staying blessedly true to their own culinary identities…

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Duck, Duck, Good at Decoy

Neighborhood: | Featured in First Bite, Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant Spotting

RedFarm has been a fancified Chinese food fixture in the West Village for years now, beloved for owner Ed Schoenfeld, his famous charm & chef Joe Ng, maker of supremely delicate PacMan Dumplings. But over the last months, the restaurant’s undergone a flurry of change, including a swanky cocktail lounge and modern Peking Duck house called Decoy…

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Al Fresco Drinking at Gallow Green

Neighborhood: | Featured in Al Fresco Dining, Drink Spotting

If we can’t drink and dine on the waterfront all summer, there’s only one other place we’d rather be — up on the roof. It’s the consummate city experience… clinging onto a cocktail while precariously perched at the lip of a high rise building, peering out at the skyline and down at the bustling streets below. And when it comes to especially chic roof bars, it doesn’t get much better than Gallow Green, located on the very top of The McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea…

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Neighborhood: , | Featured in City Guides, Restaurant

If you’ve spent time traveling abroad, I’m sure you’ve realized it isn’t exactly the easiest thing to make dinner reservations on your own, what with country codes and different time zones.  Never mind foreign countries with languages that are foreign to you, too.   And it’s even harder to get a table at a hot restaurant where prime time tables are scarce.  If you don’t speak the language, you have to rely on your hotel’s concierge to do the negotiating for you. (And if you rented a flat, villa, apartment, or chateau, well, it’s even more impossible.) According to the food blog, Eater, a reservation at Yam’Tcha is one of the “Eleven Toughest Reservations in the World.”   (It’s in such esteemed company as Noma, Tickets and The Fat Duck.)   Truth be told, one of the reasons it’s so difficult is...

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Our Favorite Chinese Joints To Celebrate the Lunar New Year

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of

One of the most exciting aspects of living in New York is having access to cuisines from all over the world, from Austrian, Polish and Uzbeki fare to Pakistani, Malaysian and Guyanese. But probably the thing we’re best known for (besides having great pizza, hot dogs and bagels that is), is being a mecca of amazing, regional Chinese food. So whether you’re looking to celebrate the Chinese New Year this Friday (or are merely in search of top notch dumplings and noodles), we’ve got a terrific list of don’t-miss places for you…

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“Maple’s” Mark Cocktail

Neighborhood: | Featured in Recipes

Sugar is a standard ingredient in cocktails. But now that it’s fall, why not swap out the white stuff for the more nuanced sweetness of maple syrup? It lends body, aroma, and an appealing amber color to almost any drink, along with autumnal flavors like caramel, wood smoke and spice. We’ve highlighted those delightful qualities even further in this indulgent cocktail recipe, with a dash of Vermont Maple Liquor (ask your local store to get it in stock), a hint of nutty Frangelico, and a healthy pour of toasty Maker’s Mark!

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Our Favorite New Fall Cocktails

Neighborhood: | Featured in Best Of, Fall Foods

Okay, so summer is a season better known for its cocktails (the likes of mojitos and daiquiris), but the flavors of fall lend themselves equally well to standout libations, like cinnamon-scented Negronis, maple syrup sweetened Sazeracs, or Brandy infused with fragrant pears or apples.

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Q & A with RedFarm’s Ed Schoenfeld

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Chef Q&A

How does a local, Brooklyn boy, and a Jewish one at that, become a Chinese food expert? Add successful restaurateur and ask the incomparable Ed Schoenfeld, who is currently orchestrating the build out of three exciting restaurants alongside partner, Zach Chodorow. There’s the under-renovations RedFarm in the West Village, his top-rated, modern Chinese eatery that’s expanding to meet a growing demand. There’s Decoy, a Peking Duck spot and cocktail lounge just downstairs, currently operating as a 28-day, pop-up Steakhouse. And then, there’s the spacious new RedFarm on the Upper West Side, which will serve restaurant signatures, like Pastrami Egg Rolls and sculptural Chicken Salad, although Chef Joe Ng’s famous Pac-Man Dumplings will probably be replaced by a new, Hello Kitty version. “The way things have worked out, fortunately or unfortunately, is that everything is coming down at the same time,” Schoenfeld shrugs. “Red Farm UWS took longer and Decoy is coming together quicker, so we’re just rolling with the punches.”

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Restaurant Openings to Look Forward to in 2013

Neighborhood: | Featured in Sneak Peek

For food writers, each year generally ends with a flurry of restaurant “Best Of” listicles, chronicling the highs and lows of eateries both old and new. But as soon as the calendar reads January 2nd, we hit the reset button, turning our attention towards a brand new crop of impending openings. From Michael White’s eagerly anticipated double header in Manhattan (The Butterfly and Ristorante Morini), to Andy Ricker’s continued expansion of his Pok Pok empire in Brooklyn (Whiskey Soda Lounge), it’s already shaping up to be a banner year for the New York restaurant scene. And who knows? A few of them just might make our “Best Of” lists at the close of 2013.

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