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American Cuisines

Q & A with High Street on Hudson’s Baker, Alex Bois

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Chef Q&A, Chef Q&A Recipes, Restaurant

Philly has frequently been heralded as one of America’s hot, upcoming dining hubs. And a great deal of the credit goes to Alex Bois, the James Beard award nominated baker behind High Street on Market.

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Q & A with Untitled’s Michael Anthony

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Chef Q&A, Chef Q&A Recipes

Danny Meyer’s hospitality group tends to inspire an unprecedented amount of loyalty, which is especially evident in the case of Michael Anthony, who’s been the executive chef and driving, culinary force behind Gramercy Tavern for nearly a decade…

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Restaurant Spotting: Superiority Complex

Neighborhood: , | Featured in First Bite, First Bite, Restaurant Spotting

If you thought the mayhem surrounding Fuku was insane — in the form of up-to-the-minute reports on lines wrapping around 1st Ave. — it can’t hold a candle to the commotion surrounding Superiority Burger and its killer veggie burgers…

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Health-Conscious Cafe Clover is Ideal for Ladies (and Gents) Who Lunch

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

It’s surprising it took Café Clover as long as it did to expand beyond dinner; considering the restaurant is practically custom-made for ladies who lunch. Not that, in today’s increasingly health-conscious society, the eatery is in any way geared towards females, but designed to fit seamlessly into anyone’s fitness-focused lifestyle, with each dish vetted and approved by a board-certified nutritionist…

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Inside Oleanders: Brooklyn’s Addition to the Hotel Restaurant Renaissance

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Brooklyn, First Bite, Restaurant Spotting

Hotel restaurants used to have a really bad rap, but nowadays, that couldn’t be further from the case; eateries situated in hotels are frequently counted amongst Manhattan’s finest, from Jean-Georges in the Trump Tower and Café Boulud in The Surrey, to The Breslin in the Ace, Marta in the Martha Washington, and The NoMad in, well, The NoMad…

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Q & A with Prune’s Gabrielle Hamilton

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Chef Q&A

If you’ve yet to read Gabrille Hamilton’s James Beard Award-winning memoir, Blood, Bones and Butter, you might be surprised to hear her refer to herself as a “reluctant” chef. After all, the owner of the long-running, much admired Prune (where it’s still nearly impossible to get a table, and for which she’s also snagged a highly coveted Beard award), is regularly upheld as being one of New York’s greatest culinary talents…

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Meet Virginia’s : An East Village Winner from a Chicago-Based Crew

Neighborhood: , | Featured in First Bite, Restaurant Spotting, Reviews

Chicago may be considered one of the next great food cities, but it recently lost a bunch of talent to New York. The co-owners of Virginia’s, which recently opened in the East Village, first met while working at Charlie Trotter’s (chef Christian Ramos went on to become sous chef at Per Se, and Reed Adelson moved to Locanda Verde)…

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The Polo Bar – Review

Neighborhood: , , , | Featured in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Reviews, RG's Favorites

21 Club and Monkey Bar, eat your heart out. There’s finally a new power scene spot in the no man’s land that is midtown, dubbed the The Polo Bar, and it’s single-handedly reviving the notion of “see and be seen.” Throngs of food and lifestyle writers have gushed about random Rihanna, Beyonce, and Barbara Walters sightings at this hot, New York haunt…

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Guide to New York Burger Week 2015

Neighborhood: | Featured in Eating Events

Frankly, we don’t need much of an excuse to eat hamburgers. So when Schweid & Son’s announces that it’s officially New York Burger Week (now in its fourth gut-busting year), we’re more than happy to go with the flow. And if you’re equally willing to gorge on beef patties for the next seven days, you’ll want to check out our run-down of spectacularly scrumptious events…

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First Bite of Italian Revamp – Contrada

Neighborhood: , | Featured in First Bite, Restaurant Spotting

Calliope in the East Village was quite well liked; earning high praise from the New Yorker, as well as a starred review from Pete Wells in the New York Times. And yet, it ended up closing after only two years. Fortunately, all is not lost at the gorgeous corner space on East 4th Street, which was quickly transformed into the sunny Italian-bent Contrada…

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Q & A with Cafe Clover’s David Standridge

Neighborhood: | Featured in Chef Q&A

David Standridge, the former chef at the West Village’s Market Table, might not have been the obvious choice to head up the kitchen at the new, health and wellness-focused Café Clover, which features dishes like Ivory Lentil Risotto, Cauliflower “Steak” Romesco, and Quinoa Tagliatelle with beet greens. “At Market Table, I was bringing in 300-pound pigs a week,” he laughs…

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Genuine Superette’s All-Star Cast

Neighborhood: | Featured in Restaurant, Restaurant Spotting

AvroKO is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in restaurant design; its New York portfolio including high profile food halls like Hudson Eats and Gotham West Market, breathtaking bars such as Beauty & Essex and La Biblioteca, and now, chic newcomer, Genuine Superette…

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Q & A with August’s Chef Josh Eden

Neighborhood: , , | Featured in Chef Q&A, Chef Q&A Recipes

“I like to think I’m one of the better kept secrets in New York,” asserts chef Josh Eden, who’s headed up the kitchen at romantic West Village favorite, August, since 2011, and recently helped facilitate its move to a larger space on the Upper East Side. “I haven’t gone out there to seek recognition from the press; I enjoy getting it from customers instead”…

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Craft Beer & Fine Dining Converge at Stanton Street Kitchen

Neighborhood: | Featured in Beer Bars, First Bite

Stanton Street Kitchen — a brand new Lower East Side eatery — is especially dedicated to the pairing potential of food and beer. So instead of allowing suds to run distant second to vino, it ably treads the line between the two; offering a beer menu as extensive and thoughtfully curated as any wine list…

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Semilla – Reviewed

Neighborhood: , | Featured in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Reviews

Ever had reservation regret? You know… when you reserve a Saturday night, prime time table for some hip, new Italian and your date (or you yourself) suddenly declares they’re craving sushi? It’s a lose-lose situation. Stick with what you’ve got and your date’s likely already made up their mind they hate it…

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Blenheim – First Bite

Neighborhood: | Featured in First Bite, Restaurant, Reviews

Blenheim is not a place you want to be on a cold winter’s night. (At least not until they fix the heat!) On the night I dined there, it was nearly as cold inside as it was outside. (A frigid 16 degrees to be exact.) So dress accordingly and throw back a few cocktails to stay warm. Named after an 150-acre farm called Blenheim Hill in the Catskills, Blenheim makes its own dairy and grows its own pigs, lamb, and beef right upstate…

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Little Park – Reviewed

Neighborhood: | Featured in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Reviews

Flawless is how I would sum up my first dinner at Little Park, with the exception of a semi dry Chocolate Rye Cake. But everything else was dreamy. Especially the Black Kale Ravioli – utterly autumnal and perfectly al dente pillows of pasta tucked with kale and anointed with a Squash Sauce of sorts – the kind of dish that makes you admit that cold weather has its benefits. The finishing touch is cipollini onions and a crunchy hailstorm of toasted pine Nuts for textural benefit…

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A Tasty Waterside Escape in Manhattan

Neighborhood: | Featured in Restaurant Spotting

As confined as we usually are by skyscrapers and subways, it can be hard to remember that Manhattan is actually an island. Which means we’re surrounded on multiple sides by cool, glistening water, and any parcel of land overlooking that beautiful, peaceful idyll immediately becomes a hot commodity…

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Hyper-Seasonal Fare at Galen Zamarra’s Almanac

Neighborhood: | Featured in First Bite, Restaurant Spotting

Galen Zamarra’s Mas (farmhouse) is basically everything you could want in a neighborhood restaurant. But Zamarra’s sophomore effort, Mas (la grillade), proved a tougher sell for patrons, who never quite got the gimmick of every last menu item being charred, fire roasted or grilled (literally every last one). So three years later, Zamarra wisely elected to go back to the drawing board, transforming Mas (la grillade) into Almanac, serving…

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Upland – First Bite

Neighborhood: | Featured in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant, Reviews

Do you remember the super short-lived restaurant that was Manzanilla? I’d eaten at Dani Garcia’s Michelin-starred eatery in Marbella, but Manzanilla wasn’t all that. In fact, the food was pretty awful, which is always depressing when a talented chef is in the mix. But let’s not dwell on the past. Especially when Stephen Starr opened such a breath of fresh air in its wake. While Manzanilla was dark and void of personality, Upland has a gorgeous glow to it…

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