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  • Edible Events: July 2017

    Edible Events: July 2017

    We’re going in a bit of a different direction with our Edible Events roundup this July, and by that, we mean we’re heading outside of the city. Because it’s entirely possible to assuage your summertime wanderlust, without having to leave New York State… so take a day trip (or engage in a month-long road venture) with pit stops at the following, seasonal food festivals!

  • What to Eat at DeKalb Market Hall

    What to Eat at DeKalb Market Hall

    Occupying the subterranean sector of the imposing City Point complex, the roster of vendors at DeKalb Market Hall is as diverse as the borough itself; specializing in Chinese steamed buns, Spanish croquetas and even classic corned beef (from an outpost of the seminal Katz’s)…

  • Wylie Dufresne Does Donuts at Du

    Wylie Dufresne Does Donuts at Du

    Wylie Dufresne has taken a page from his high concept peers — think, especially, Daniel Humm — by dialing things back a tad, and opening an establishment geared towards common folk. His everyman eatery? Du’s Donuts in the William Vale hotel; a casual café and bakery with a major pedigree…

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Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Posted on Mar 13, 2017 in Holiday Eats, St. Patrick's Day

There’s nothing especially glamorous about meat-and-potatoes Irish fare, with its gravy-soaked portions and lusterless palette of brown, tan and white. Yet, those homely qualities are precisely what makes it so appealing, and why St. Patrick’s Day (celebrated this Friday) proves a welcome vehicle to push it to the culinary forefront. So hoist a pint of Guinness and a hunk of soda bread instead, at The Breslin, The Dead Rabbit and more…

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A Look at Doughnut Project’s Inspired, Deep-Fried Creations

Posted on Mar 10, 2017 in Best Of, Dessert, Dish Spotting

The once innocuous doughnut has proved an innovation generator throughout NYC nowadays, from Doughnut Plant’s Ripple (a doughnut within a doughnut within a doughnut), to Dough’s Lemon Meringue Pie (double dessert hybrid) to Dominique Ansel’s oft imitated Cronut. And the West Village’s Doughnut Project has raised the stakes still further, with their clever collaborative chef series…

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Inside AbcV: Jean-Georges Rhapsodic Ode to Vegetables


Posted on Mar 9, 2017 in First Bite, Hottest Newcomers

It seems Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s AbcV just missed inclusion on our Restaurant Preview list yet again; having finally debuted after three solid years of anticipation! Carving out still another corner of Flatiron’s ABC Carpet & Home, it ably advances a recurring ABC theme by constructing a menu entirely around vegetables…

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Gourmet Gossip: March 2017

Posted on Mar 8, 2017 in Gourmet Gossip

In this great dining city of ours, barely a day passes without news of an exciting restaurant opening, closing, or shocking chef shuffle. That’s why we’re keeping you apprised of the industry’s most noteworthy bits and bites — from Grant Achatz’s thrilling migration from the Windy City to the Big Apple to Ivan Orkin’s surprising fascination with pizza…

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Spring Restaurant Preview 2017

Posted on Mar 7, 2017 in Best Of, Hottest Newcomers, Reviews, Spring Restaurant Preview, Spring Restaurant Preview

As if glorious weather wasn’t reason enough to adore spring, it happens to be the prime season for high profile restaurant debuts too. So turn the promise of longer days into an excuse to pack your schedule with a series of dining trips, at upcoming ventures from Enrique Olvera, April Bloomfield and yes, even Jose Andres…

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Unico Taco is Suvir Saran’s Passage to India (Via Mexico)

Unico Tacos

Posted on Mar 3, 2017 in Ethnic Eats, Restaurant Spotting

You wouldn’t immediately associate Suvir Saran with tacos. Yet the celebrated toque has branched out in more ways than one this month; unexpectedly migrating to an outer borough (Queens), and turning his attention to tortillas, at the playful, fast-casual Unico Tacos.

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Ikinari Brings Its “Standing Steakhouse” Concept to New York


Posted on Mar 2, 2017 in Restaurant Spotting

We tend to think New York is at the cutting edge of all things food, but we still can’t hold a candle to Japan when it comes to quirky innovation. That’s why we’ve continued to import some of their kookiest concepts; from ramen spots to the newly minted stand-up steakhouse Ikinari, which landed in the East Village this past week…

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The Wooly Public is an Elite Social Club for the Masses

Wooly Public

Posted on Feb 28, 2017 in Restaurant Spotting

Can’t get into The Wooly? Check out their new restaurant for the people, Wooly Public, which features drinks from a Mayahuel vet and old time New York bar bites via a Maison Premiere alum. Sounds legit, no?

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Forget Tenderloin and Chicken Breast: These Are NYC’s Tastiest Alternate Proteins

Posted on Feb 27, 2017 in Alternative Meats, Best Of

The average restaurant diner’s palate has really evolved and expanded over the years, meaning that chefs feel emboldened to branch out beyond pork chops, chicken breast and steak. So if you’re looking to chow down on some other white (or red) meats, check out the awesome, alternate proteins at spots like Le Coucou, Aska and more!

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Hanoi House Elevates St. Mark’s Street’s Asian Food Scene

Hanoi House

Posted on Feb 24, 2017 in Ethnic Eats, Restaurant Spotting

St. Mark’s street has long been a haven for cheap and quick Asian food of all sorts; a mecca for NYU students in search of affordable, filling dinners, or late night, alcohol-absorbing snacks. Yet its myriad holes-in-the-wall have rarely qualified as dining destinations unto themselves — making the just-opened Hanoi House a rather unique, exciting bird for New Yorkers at-large…

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Edible Events: March 2017

Posted on Feb 23, 2017 in Eating Events

There are all manner of fun, food events taking place in New York on a daily basis, but unless you have the time and money to party seven days a week, you’ll have to be somewhat discerning about what goes onto your calendar. So here are just a few worthy food celebrations we recommend getting tickets (or making reservations) for now. From C-CAP’s annual benefit to Brunchcon…

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Where to Celebrate Mardi Gras 2017

Posted on Feb 22, 2017 in Eating Events

What late-winter lacks in federal holidays, it more than makes up with festive, edible observances and chief amongst them is Mardi Gras, a let-it-all-hang-out lead-up to the sacrificial rigors of Lent. So whether you actually intend to give something up for the season (or are merely seeking respite from your daily woes), here’s where to celebrate New Orleans style, with sazeracs, po-boys and more…

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NYC’s Glitziest Academy Awards Parties: 2017

Posted on Feb 21, 2017 in Eating Events

Just because you weren’t invited to the Oscars doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in style. So go on and dwell in la la land (for one night, at least), at the New York’s glitteriest and bubbliest Oscar bashes. From the Roof at the Viceroy to the white hot Metrograph Commissary…

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Gourmet Gossip: February 2017

Posted on Feb 16, 2017 in Gourmet Gossip

In this great dining city of ours, barely a day passes without news of an exciting restaurant opening, closing, or chef shuffle. That’s why we’re keeping you apprised of the industry’s most noteworthy bits and bites — from the announcement of this year’s James Beard Award noms to the opening of the Golden Girls Cafe…

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Guide to New York Beer Week 2017

Posted on Feb 15, 2017 in Beer Bars, Eating Events

Whether you’re a fanatical homebrewer or just a sometime imbiber, who wouldn’t want to lose themselves in the bottom of a pint glass for nine straight days? Thanks to New York Beer Week — an annual, out-out celebration of suds — there’s an opportunity to do just that, through tap takeovers, festivals, pairing dinners and more…

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Ichimura Outdoes Itself at its Ultra-High End Iteration

Sushi Ichimura

Posted on Feb 14, 2017 in Hottest Newcomers

After leaving Ichimura at Brushstroke this past fall, chef Eiji Ichimura raised the stakes with his just-opened, eponymous sushi spot. It offers only two services per night, yet at an elite $300 per person (landing Ichimura just behind Kuruma, Onodera, and the wallet-busting Masa), he hardly needs to pack patrons in for this one of a kind sushi experience…

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Where to Dine Solo (and Love It) on Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Posted on Feb 13, 2017 in Best Of, Valentine's Day

No matter how secure you are in your relationship status (or lack, there-of), Valentine’s Day can add unnecessary pressure to be part of a happy twosome. Don’t let a Hallmark holiday get you down: Instead of ashamedly holing up at home on the 14th, celebrate yourself at spots like Olmsted, Momofuku Ko, or Semilla…

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How to Dine Well by Doing Good this February

Posted on Feb 10, 2017 in Eating Events

The last few weeks have been overwhelming, to say the least. With controversial policy decisions and human rights injustices compounding by the day, it can be difficult to concentrate on simple, everyday tasks; you know, like working, sleeping or eating! And yet, it’s possible to actually enact change by doing just that, whether patronizing a sanctuary restaurant, or booking a Valentine’s Day dinner, the likes of Franny’s, Marlow & Sons, Roman’s & more…

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