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  • Edible Events NYC: May 2017

    Edible Events NYC: May 2017

    There are all manner of fun, food events taking place in New York on a daily basis, but unless you have the time and money to party seven days a week, you’ll have to be somewhat discerning about what goes onto your calendar. So here are just a few worthy food celebrations we recommend getting tickets (or making reservations) for now…

  • Inside Made Nice: The EMP Team’s Foray into Fast Casual Territory

    Inside Made Nice: The EMP Team’s Foray into Fast Casual Territory

    While it wasn’t much of a stretch for shrewd chefs like David Chang to start roll out fried chicken sandwiches, the EMP team letting loose is another matter entirely. Yet even Daniel Humm and Will Guidara have elected to ride the rising tide from fine dining and into the realm of fast casual, with their long floated (and finally realized) food counter, Made Nice…

  • Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

    Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

    Cinco de Mayo has largely devolved into a drinking holiday. So if you’re going to celebrate Mexican culture by way of margaritas and nachos, you might as well do it at the most legitimately commendable restaurants in town; from Enrique Olvera’s Atla to Alex Stupak’s grand Empellon!

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Gourmet Gossip: December 2016

Posted on Dec 9, 2016 in Gourmet Gossip

In this great restaurant city of ours, barely a day passes without news of an exciting opening, a devastating closing, or shocking chef shuffle. That’s why we’re keeping you apprised of the industry’s most noteworthy bits and bites — from April Bloomfield’s Midtown burger return and upcoming Brooklyn expansion to Gabriel Stulman’s first sortie, into the lucrative land of hotel dining…

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Where to Celebrate the Feast of Seven Fishes 2016

Posted on Dec 8, 2016 in Best Of, Christmas Eats

Whether you’re legitimately Italian (or simply seafood lovers like us), here’s where to commemorate La Viglia in NYC, at spots like Oceana, Otto, Grand Central Oyster Bar, and more!

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Shop (and Eat) at New York’s Best Holiday Markets

Posted on Dec 6, 2016 in Best Of, Food Markets

If you’re going to selflessly spend weeks worth of income on gifts for other people this season, you can at least treat yourself to some fabulous food while you’re at it. Conveniently, the following holiday markets provide awesome, one-stop-shopping access to both; boasting vendors selling fabulous presents and awesome eats…

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El Rey Chef Takes Chinatown with Lalo

Posted on Dec 5, 2016 in Restaurant Spotting

Under Gerardo Gonzalez, El Rey emerged as one of the chicest gathering hubs on the Lower East Side. So acolytes who’ve sorely missed his breezy, healthy Cal-Mex fare since his departure last April, would be well advised to follow Gonzalez to Chinatown, where he recently resurfaced with a brand new project called Lalo…

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Great Xmas Gifts: Holiday Pancake Set

Posted on Dec 2, 2016 in Gifts for Foodies, Gizmo Girl

Looking for a perfect Xmas gift for teachers, friends or foodies? We’re digging this sweet pancake set from William Sonoma. It comes with a gingerbread man spatula, pancake pen for perfectly sized cakes, and of course, mix…

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April Bloomfield is Spinning White Gold on the Upper West Side

Posted on Dec 2, 2016 in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant Spotting

April Bloomfield may have released a pro-vegetable cookbook, but who’s she kidding, really? The guiding force in her career has always been meat. And she’s doubled down on her obsession big time with her newest project, White Gold, surprisingly on the Upper West Side…

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Edible Events: December

Posted on Dec 1, 2016 in Eating Events

There are all manner of fun, food events taking place in New York on a daily basis, so here are just a few worthy food celebrations we recommend getting tickets (or making reservations) for now! From Brooklyn Museum’s Latke Festival to an Ugly Sweater Pub Crawl & more…

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The Beekman Opens with a Bang with Augustine and Fowler & Wells

The Beekman Hotel

Posted on Nov 30, 2016 in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant Spotting

Forget about rooftop pools and in-house spas, destination restaurants are NYC’s hottest hotel amenity. Which means the recently opened The Beekman is an absolute must-stay for discriminating travelers and moneyed tourists, being that it boasts establishments from two of the city’s most acclaimed restaurateurs. We’re talking about Keith McNally’s new Augustine & Tom Colicchio’s Fowler & Wells…

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New York’s Best Beyond-Thanksgiving Turkey Dishes

Posted on Nov 28, 2016 in Best Of, Fall Foods

Sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, & gravy play an active role on restaurant menus well beyond Thanksgiving; yet the holiday centerpiece, turkey, tends to disappear without fanfare shortly after the meal. Thankfully, a handful of awesome eateries pay respect to the under-utilized bird throughout the year! From Hometown Barbecue to Brodo and even Black Tap’s turkey burger…

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NYC’s Newest Michelin Star Winners for 2017

Posted on Nov 23, 2016 in Michelin Guide

Chefs can insist all they want that their goal is to run a reasonably successful restaurant that makes their patrons happy. Which we don’t doubt is largely true, but the fact is not one of them would turn their nose up at the industry’s biggest honor, a Michelin star. Here’s a rundown of Michelin’s newest winners for 2017…

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All-American Korean Kimchi Stuffing: And Other Contemporary Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Posted on Nov 22, 2016 in Chef Q&A Recipes, Recipes

The average New Yorker’s diet is nothing if not diverse, so why should we abandon our international aesthetic for Thanksgiving? Here’s a very untraditional and delicious stuffing & green bean casserole recipe to sink your teeth into…

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London Noodle Chain, Wagamama, Crosses the Pond to NYC


Posted on Nov 21, 2016 in Ethnic Eats, Restaurant Spotting

It’s a bit of a thrill that the franchise known as Wagamama has finally opened its very first location in NYC. Smack in the center of the Flatiron District, it’s perfectly positioned as a waystation for both busy locals on lunch hour, as well as tourists from all over the world…

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Marco Canora’s Brodo Goes Brick-and-Mortar

Posted on Nov 17, 2016 in Restaurant Spotting, Soups

A long list of decidedly unsexy foodstuffs — from seaweed to quinoa to brussels sprouts —have been very much on trend in recent years. But they’re positively sultry when compared to bone broth; largely associated with invalids and other intestinally distressed patients on liquid diets. Enter Marco Canora’s Brodo

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Our Favorite Fall Sweets in NYC

Posted on Nov 16, 2016 in Best Of, Dessert, Fall Foods

Autumn’s prominent holidays may be Halloween and Thanksgiving, but there’s a lot more to the seasonal sweets scene than candy and pie. That’s why we’re showcasing eight NYC pastry programs, making especially innovative use of fall’s bounty! From Keith McNally’s Augustine and its Poached Pear Mille-Feuilles, to the Butternut Squash Granita at Andrew Carmellini’s Leuca…

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A Look at 2017’s Bib Gourmand Honorees

Posted on Nov 15, 2016 in Best Of, Bib Gourmands

Receiving a “Bib Gourmand” designation is a dubious honor — on one hand, it’s wonderful to be recognized for serving exceptional food at moderate prices, on the other hand, it precludes them from getting a far more coveted Michelin star. Here’s this year’s Bib Gourmand honorees, the likes of Olmsted, Llama Inn &…

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Chumley’s Returns to the West Village


Posted on Nov 14, 2016 in Hottest Newcomers, Restaurant Spotting

It’s rare for a restaurant to get a new lease on life. And in today’s exceedingly fickle (not to mention prohibitively expensive) industry, even decades of accrued customer sentimentality isn’t enough to keep the doors open. Which makes the story of Chumley’s especially unusual…

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Nordic Goes Casual at n’eat


Posted on Nov 11, 2016 in Restaurant Spotting

If you thought we were at peak New Nordic, thanks to the relaunch of Fredrik Berselius’ Aska, and the opening of Claus Meyer’s sprawling food court and restaurant in Grand Central Station, think again. Enter n’eat…

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Thanksgiving 2016 Dining Guide NYC

Posted on Nov 10, 2016 in Best Of, Thanksgiving

There used to be something so sad about the thought of spending Thanksgiving at a restaurant, but thankfully that’s now only a memory! So here’s a rundown of eight great places to make a reservation this year. From Oceana (with none other than Bill Telepan as toque) to Il Buco & more…

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